1.  Birdsall  Quote

    We can all drink heavily if this doesn’t go well.
    Birdsall on planning to have class projects bound at Kinkos, Voice [Fall 2011]
    PERMALINK / Nov 12, 2011
  2.  birdsall  Quote

    I just want you all to know that if you didn’t use drop shadow now, you may never get to use it again.
    Birdsall, Typography II [Spring 2011]
    PERMALINK / Apr 06, 2011
  3.  birdsall  Quote

    WHOA! This poster’s like revisiting psychedelia! I feel like I’m having a flashback!
    Birdsall, Typography II [Spring 2011]
    PERMALINK / Apr 06, 2011
  4.  birdsall  hendrix  Conversation

    1. Birdsall: Way back in the day, you had to cut out this thing to make flat color. Have you ever used it?
    2. Hendrix: In a history class. Designosaur!
    Birdsall & Hendrix, Typography II [Spring 2010]
    PERMALINK / Mar 09, 2011
  5.  Birdsall  Quote

    Why wouldn’t you pickle a book?
    Birdsall, AIGA Potluck [Spring, 2011]
    PERMALINK / Feb 16, 2011
  6.  birdsall  Quote

    I like your gloopy gloops.
    Birdsall, Voice [Fall 2010]
    PERMALINK / Oct 18, 2010
  7.  botnick  killip  hendrix  dowd  birdsall  Video

    Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

    Monster Rap: It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year.

    Botnick: I’m VERY happy to have been characterized as Dracula because he was, and is, a MAJUH PLAYAH! As Drac said so long ago:

    I’m no chump in a dump and my type in a lump

    I be ill, really chill, shapin my ‘g’s like Mistuh Gill.

    PERMALINK / Oct 04, 2010
  8.  birdsall  Quote

    You can do macrame plant holders in your spare time.
    Birdsall, Voice [Fall 2010]
    PERMALINK / Sep 03, 2010
  9.  Birdsall  Quote

    I have a source for a big brown corduroy bean bag. It’s kind of turdlike, but it’s good.
    Birdsall, Voice [Fall 2010]
    PERMALINK / Sep 03, 2010
  10.  birdsall  dowd  hendrix  Conversation

    1. Birdsall: I'd love to drink some platypus wine.
    2. Dowd: Out of a platypus? It's sort of like a flask. You just kind of squeeze it.
    3. Hendrix: Like a bagpipe.
    4. Dowd: Yeah! Right. An Australian bagpipe.
    5. [Spring 2010]
    PERMALINK / May 06, 2010

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